We do not rent to people who:

Things we look for:

          1.Are Currently on Parole or Probation, unless approved through Ogden City Waiver Program.  Apply online through our website and let us know you have a waiver, we will verify with Ogden City and handle each application on a case by case basis.  #’s 2,3,4 in this section may be ignored under this program. 

          2.Have any felony in the last four years.  We reserve the right to deny anyone convicted of a serious crime against children in the last 20 years.*  

          3.Have had a misdemeanor conviction in the last 4 years for drugs, domestic violence, or any crime that would make them a danger to their fellow tenants or property.

          4.Multiple unpaid collection accounts and you will be denied, paid collection accounts will be considered.

          5.Have scored credit scores less than 600 this does not apply to people with no credit score due to no credit lines. (May be overcome with a co-signer or roommate with acceptable score &/or larger deposit, no guarantee, if your credit is really bad a co-signer will not help.)    

          6.We will deny you if you are currently in bankruptcy.  

          7.Have an eviction in the last 5 years. (If the eviction judgement is paid in full and there are extenuating circumstances this might be overcome) Domestic Violence against the applicant generally excepted.

          8.We may deny people with Multiple criminal charges, showing a pattern of criminal behavior, even if more than 4 years.

          9.We will deny anyone who uses offensive language, acts or gestures, threats etc.. Applicants who make a nuisance of themselves with either repetitive calls to the manager, threats, or other harassing behavior.

          10. We will deny anyone who lies on their application.

          11. Poor rental history as disclosed by previous landlords, or refusing to allow us to talk to previous landlords, or failing to provide contact information for previous landlords.

          12. Relatives of Managers or otherwise affiliated with Brentwood/Applewood Apartments

We do a complete Credit and Nationwide Criminal Background check on each and every applicant, fee is non-refundable. We do this to protect our tenants and to help keep rent low for everyone.  We process applications in the order they are received.  If you are approved you will have 48 hours to complete the lease agreement.  Each adult applicant will need to show a valid government issued ID at the lease signing and bring a copy of their last pay stub.

We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability, familial status, source of income, gender identity, etc.  We abide by the principles of fairness embodied in the Fair Housing Act.

     1.People who pay on time. Don’t commit crimes, don’t bother their neighbors, don’t damage the property and Honor their Lease Agreement.

          2.Government issued Photo Identification required.

          3.A completed online application.

          4.A minimum 12 month job history, may be different jobs but showing consistent employment.

          5.Sufficient income (2.5 times the rent minimum) All forms of income included or Section 8 Housing rental assistance.

          6.Good Rental History by previous landlords.

          7.Good Credit History with 600 or higher score (565 or higher on Transunion RentScore) or “No” credit (Sounds strange but lack of credit won’t disqualify you by itself) It’s okay to be starting out in life with no credit.  No credit is defined here as having no negative information and no score on your credit.

          8.References who say nice things about you.

          9.Tenants who will respect their neighbors by keeping noise down, paying their rent on time and taking care of their apartment home.

          10. Must be Legal to be in the United States.

          11. Must have Renter’s Insurance.

          12. Maximum occupancy is 2 people per bedroom, plus and additional person for the entire dwelling unit. (ie. 5 in a 2 bedroom). Ogden City limits the number of non-related, non-familial people who may dwell in one unit.  We comply with these laws, contact us with specific situations, as these laws change from time to time.  We do not discriminate against families.

          13. Pet: see Animals section of this website.

We Accept Section 8 Housing.

*Time for Convictions shall be based off the date of the latest conviction even if it isn’t a felony, new convictions restart the clock for offenses that would threaten another tenant.