This is the disclosure of fees that may be charged to every tenant.

Rent: Listed in the advertising and/or on the vacancy page of this website includes Water Sewer and Garbage on every property.

Late Charge: 10% if rent not paid by the 5th of the month. 5% may be charged from day 1 to day 5, maximum late charge 10%

Returned Payment Fee: $20 if you form of payment is returned by your bank for any reason.

Parking Fees: No Parking Fees on any property

Internet:  Not included in rent, tenants own responsibity to contact provider.

Utilities: Tenant pays their own Gas and Electric unless otherwise noted, cost is dependent on Tenant's usage.  Tenant signs up for service directly with Utility Companies.

HOA Fees: None

Lease Initiation Fee: $100 deducted from Deposit.

Lease changes: ie changing roommates on a lease etc: $100

Security Deposit: Based on credit score, $100 of deposit is not refundable as listed above.  Deposits range from $400 to 1 months rent.

     Average Credit Score of all applicants:               Security Deposit Amount:

               Over 760                              $400

               730-759                              $475

               711-729                              $550

               681-710                              $675

               650-680                              $775

               620-649                              $1000

               619 or lower (see criteria)                    1 Months Rent

Pet Deposit Fees: See Animals page on this website

Service of Notice Fee: $50

3rd Adult Person on Lease: $25 monthly water fee

Amenity Fees: None

Application Fee: $55

Month to Month Fee: $75 added to rent amount once the inital lease term completes.

Credit Card, Debit Card or ApplePay use to pay rent incurs a 4% Fee

ACH payment of rent (transfer from your account to ours): No Fee to tenant (we pay the fee)

Payment by cash or money order: $5 fee

Returned Check/online payment fee: $20.00

Administration Fees: None

Littering on the premiss: $55 per violation

Eviction Turnover fee: $800 if you are evicted this is the turnover fee.  Only applies if you are evicted.

Labor Rate for damages caused by tenant: $60/hour

Failure to pick up dog feces: $250/1st offence; $450/ 2nd offence.  continued violation will result in removal of the animal.  

We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability, familial status, source of income, gender identity, etc.  We abide by the principles of fairness embodied in the Fair Housing Act.  We Accept Section 8 Housing Vouchers.