What you need to know...

Policies and costs:


We allow pets with a signed pet lease, but because we have had irresponsible pet owners we must charge fees and disallow some pets. Prices are based on past expeirience with various pets and costs of damages.  Dogs cannot be classified as vicious, cannot be trained attack or guard dogs and cannot be a danger to other people or animals.  Previous Landlord and/or Veternarian verification required.  Limit 2 pets total per apartment. Animals in cages count as 1 pet.  Tenants with cummulative credit scores over 720 pay 1/2 of the deposits listed below.  

1. Adult small dog, under 10 lbs: $250 Pet Deposit ($150 Refundable), + $30/mo/dog Pet Fee

2. Adult dog between 10.1 - 19.9 lbs: $350 Deposit ($200 Refundable), + $40/mo/dog Pet Fee

3. Adult Larger dog over 20 lbs: $700 ($500 Refundable), $50/mo/dog Pet Fee - Aggressive breeds like pit bull, wolf, german shepherd prohibited.

4. Puppy (less than 2 years old): $1000 Deposit ($700 Refundable), Monthly fee based on breed size when full grown.


1. All breeds that are spayed/neutered and litter box trained: $400 Pet Deposit/Cat ($250 Refundable), $50/mo/cat Pet Fee

2. All Breeds of Kittens (Under 2 years old): $1000 Deposit ($700 Refundable), + $60/mo/cat Pet Fee

Other Pets:

1. Fish in Aquariums over 15 gallons: $200 Pet Deposit/Tank ($100 Refundable), No Pet Fee.  Under 15 gallons - No Deposit, No Fees

2. Snakes, Rodents, Rats, Mice: Not Allowed.

3. Birds in Cages: $350 Pet Deposit/cage (limit 2) ($200 Refundable), $30/mo/cage pet fee.

4. Guinea Pig: Pet Deposit $200, ($100 Refundable), $10/mo/pig Pet Fee.

5. Small Animals in Aquariums or small Cages: $200 Deposit ($100 Refundable), $10/mo/animal, Pet Fee.

Pet Not Listed: Might be okay, be sure to ask before acquiring.